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Swanfest Pageant 2018

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Swanfest Pageant.

Winners were:
Baby Boy: Daniel Saxton
Baby Girl: Emory Stainbrook
Toddler Boy: Logan Tatsch
Toddler Girl: Swayer Hemerson
Mini Prince: Preston Walton
Mini Princess: Lucy Brooks
Princess: Danica Brake

Swanfest Baby Prince/Princess (Ages 0-12 mos)
Parent/Guardian will hold the fully clothed baby for judging 

Swanfest Toddler Prince/Princess (Ages 1-4)
Child walks/carried in front of judges, and will be asked their name and age

Swanfest Mini Prince/Princess (Ages 5-8)
Child walks in front of judges, says their name and age and answers a question and follow up question.
Sample questions:  Favorite color, game, character, food, story?

Swanfest Prince/Princess (Ages 9-13)
Child walks in front of judges, says their name and age and answers a couple of questions and follow up questions.
Sample questions:  Favorite subject, sport, hobby?  Favorite thing to do with friends, family?  Best vacation?

Swanfest King/Queen (Ages 14-18)
Teen walks in front of judges, gives a brief self-introduction and answers several questions
Sample questions:  What do you want to be when you grow up?  Something you are proud of?  Words of advice you would give to others?

All participants receive a prize.  Cost is $5 per participant to cover costs of prizes
(pay the $5 at check in, please check in between 1:30 - 1:45 pm)

Pageant Coordinator is Allyson James: 913-594-0788 or ajames@peoplestelecom.net