Community Building

La Cygne Community Building

The La Cygne Community Building is available for the residents of La Cygne to rent 365 days a year based on availability. The space has a full kitchen, small gathering space in the front of the building and a large gathering space in the back. Renters can opt to rent just the front or the entire building. Tables and chairs are included with the rental of the space. Please note we do NOT rent the tables and chairs for outside use, they are only available with the community building rental. If you are interested in renting the community building, please contact City Hall for availability. You can find a rental application here and if you are serving alcohol you will need to fill out this form as well. Reservations are not final until payment is received you may come by City Hall to pay or once you date is confirmed you may pay here.

Rental Fees:

Front Only: $40 rental fee, $50 refundable deposit.

Entire Building: $75 rental fee, $85 refundable deposit.

Alcohol: $100 refundable deposit, signature from the Chief of Police.

(33) 8' Tables

(259) Plastic/Metal Chairs

*If the space is not cleaned, the deposit will be retained. See rental application for complete details.

We look forward to providing a space for your next gathering. Please contact us to reserve at 913-757-2144.

Exterior of the Community Building


front space
Small area (front) 
kitchen window
Small area (front) showing the serving window
Kitchen, 2 gas ranges, 1 electric, refrigerator 
large back
Large back space
Large back space with small stage