Local Fireworks Statutes

The annual 4th of July holiday often brings smiles of joy at the thought of fireworks, BBQ's and good times with good friends and family. The City of La Cygne wants its citizens to have a fun time celebrating our nation's independence while also staying safe as folks discharge a variety of fireworks. Kansas Statutue 22-6-5 and City Ordinances 1171/1172 discuss fireworks regulations for La Cygne residents, which include:

  • Fireworks may not be discharged within city limits except from June 27 to July 5.
  • Fireworks may only be discharged from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. (midnight).
  • Bottle rockets are not permitted to be discharged within city limits at any point during the year. 

The City would like to encourage all citizens to read the appropriate instructions for each firework before it is discharged in an effort to keep all viewers safe from potential burns or other injuries that may occur. Citizens may also view the Kansas Fireworks Act here