Dig Safe

Call Before You Dig
1-800-DIG-SAFE (1-800-344-7233) (Toll Free)
Kansas One-Call, Inc.
8100 East 22nd North, Bldg. 2100
Wichita, Kansas 67226

In addition to the precautions we take to maintain our utility lines, the City of La Cygne needs your help in keeping the transmission lines safe. Many emergencies are attributed to damage caused by third parties digging or excavating around utility lines. Please call your state one-call center (1-800-344-7233) at least two days before digging. In fact it’s the law to notify the one-call center before you dig.

There is no charge for the service. Two days notice must be given except in the case of emergencies. The one-call center will notify the utility companies and they will come out and mark the location of their lines.  Markings are only valid for ten (10) days, so you may have to call again. But keep in mind that state law also states that “no person shall make repeated requests for remarking or updating unless the request is due to circumstances not reasonably within the control of such person.”

In other words, updating a ticket repeatedly without any excavation taking place just to keep a ticket open or valid is a violation of the state law. Utility owners have and will report these types of violations to the Kansas Corporation Commission for action.

You may call from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. The call center is available 24 hours a day on an emergency only basis. Only the loss of life, limb, property or a service outage is considered an emergency.

Operators at the one-call center will record all necessary information, list underground operators to be notified and give the caller a “ticket number.” Have the following checklist ready before you call in a Locate:

  1. Caller and Telephone Number
  2. Excavator Name or Code/Company Name
  3. Address of Locate
  4. Start Date and Time of Excavation
  5. County, Town/City
  6. Township, Range, Section, ¼ Section
  7. Worksite Street and Number (Include North, South, East, West)
  8. Nearest Intersection/Highway
  9. Type of Work and Depth
  10. Type of Equipment Used:  Explosives/Tunneling/Horizontal Boring
  11. Work Location: Street/Sidewalk/Private Property/Front/Rear/Side
  12. Work being done for: Contact Person, Telephone Number
  13. Best Time to Call Back: AM/PM after 5:00 p.m.
  14. Keep Your Locate Request Number on File