Employment Opportunities


Public Works Full-Time Employee

Rules and regulations concerning the natural gas utility require Public Works Employees to pass a pre-employment drug test. Random drug tests are also given during the employee’s tenure.


The main divisions of the public works department include: Water, Sewer, Street, and Natural Gas. Under the administrative supervision of the Public Works Superintendent, Public Works Employees perform skilled and semi-skilled work in connection with: water pumping and filtration to provide the city with safe, potable water; maintenance and operation of wastewater plant facilities; maintenance of city streets, parks, cemetery, and other public grounds; and the maintenance and operation of the natural gas system.

This employee is responsible for: Operation of water equipment, collecting and testing samples, recording and reporting data, adjusting chemical feed equipment for proper operations, and general maintenance of the water plant to meet KDHE requirements; Operation of the wastewater system, including checking equipment for proper operation and making repairs when needed plus recording and maintaining daily log sheets and records of plant operations; Repairing streets and ditches, mowing and edging grass, culvert installation, street resurfacing, and snow removal; Operation of the natural gas system, including monitoring gas received at the city gate, recording and reporting all data, responding to leak calls according to KCC regulations, departmental policies, procedures, and established practices.

All assignments are carried out in accordance with departmental policies, procedures, and established practices. A Public Works Employee is a non-exempt employee under FLSA.


  • Operates various types of power pumps and related equipment and machinery;
  • Checks water levels and maintains flow into chemical feed machinery;
  • Performs tests for chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels and records results;
  • Monitors condition of river water for chemical additions;
  • Backwashes filters, greases equipment, and performs all maintenance procedures as scheduled by daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance schedules;
  • Operates backhoe, loader, trucks, graders, and other equipment;
  • Maintains heat pumps/tarps in cold weather to prevent water plant from freezing;
  • Maintains records on water plant maintenance and water quality;
  • Maintains records on wastewater plant maintenance and treatment records;
  • Reports water quality records in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances;
  • Inspects and maintains all pumps and motors;
  • Prepares log sheets, daily reading of hour meters, and maintains records;
  • Maintains lift stations;
  • Monitors and maintains main sewer distribution lines;
  • Monitors daily and records daily, the gas pressure at the city gate;
  • Inspects and repairs reported leaks in the natural gas system;
  • Monitors and keeps records of city gas distribution system and records leaks reported and/or repaired per KCC regulations;
  • Reads and maintains commercial and residential customer meters and files monthly vegetation gas reports;
  • Performs connects and disconnects to the city’s natural gas distribution system maintenance in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances and KCC regulations;
  • Attends safety meetings;
  • Patches streets and potholes;
  • Installs and repairs street signs;
  • Cuts and removes brush and tree limbs from rights-of-way;
  • Mows and edges grass at city parks, cemetery, and other city properties;
  • Operate equipment in the maintenance of streets and the installation and repair of culverts, and removal of snow and ice from city streets;
  • Maintains all necessary records on street and alleyway maintenance;

MARGINAL FUNCTIONS                           

  • Responsible for the safety and condition of the water plant; wastewater plant; natural gas distribution system; city streets, parks, cemetery, and other public places
  • Interacts with citizens and other groups to resolve complaints;
  • Assist other city employees as needed in the areas of water treatment, sewer treatment, gas operations, and street maintenance;
  • Perform other duties as assigned and deemed necessary;


Experience:    One (1) to three (3) years of similar or related experience is preferred. The employee is expected to have acquired the necessary skills and information to perform the job reasonably well within one (1) year.

Education: The employee is required to have at a minimum, a high school diploma or GED. This employee is encouraged and may be required to become state certified in any of the following areas to ensure continuity of service and experience: water, sewer, or gas operations.

Technical Skills: The Public Works Employee must have a through knowledge of facility equipment operation and monitoring requirements, mathematics, and chemical usage and be able to read, understand, and compile weekly reports relative to each of the water, wastewater, street, and natural gas divisions.

Additionally, the Public Works Employee must also have a strong understanding of the complex operations of the city’s water distribution system, wastewater distribution system, and natural gas distribution system, including fire hydrant and shut-off valve locations, plus know the location of all natural gas shut-off valves, and emergency response procedures. The employee must also have a thorough understanding of city codes as they apply to the water, wastewater, street, and natural gas divisions and possess the ability to operate equipment in repairing leaks and connection of new services.

The Public Works Employee must be capable of assisting other employees in the maintenance and repair of the city’s utility systems. A thorough knowledge of these divisions as well as the machinery used in their daily operations is crucial for the employee to perform successfully in .the position.

Problem Solving: Problem solving is a factor for this position as it relates to water production, water distribution, wastewater treatment, wastewater distribution, natural gas distribution, and street maintenance.

Decision Making: Decision-making is a factor for this position as it relates to water production, water distribution, wastewater treatment, wastewater distribution, natural gas distribution, and street maintenance.

Supervision: This position is supervised by the Public Works Superintendent. Assignments and/or priorities are given to the Public Works Employee and this employee may be considered the “lead” employee in completing these tasks while others within the Public Works Department assists in completing these tasks. The “lead” employee receives direct supervision from the Public Works Superintendent and will occasionally direct other employees within the department while working on an assigned task.

Financial Accountability: The Public Works Employee is responsible for city resources and equipment, and is not authorized to make purchases without prior approval. The Public Works Employee does not participate in the annual budget process other than to alert the Public Works Superintendent and the appropriate City Council committee of needed equipment during the budget process.

Personal Relations: The Public Works Employee interacts daily with other employees. Interaction with the City Council occurs frequently. The Public Works Employee is in direct contact with members of the public on a daily basis and therefore it is important that this employee be able to communicate in both written and oral forms.

Working Conditions: Adverse working conditions exist for this position. Exposure to extreme weather conditions is likely. In addition to the weather, this employee may participate in work that involves heights, excessive noise, and confined spaces. Additional exposure to blood borne pathogens and other human fluids, hazardous chemicals, explosives, and asbestos are possible.

Physical Requirements: Some physical exertion may be required for this position. This Public Works Employee is needed to operate heavy machinery and a wide variety of other tools.

The specific statements shown in each section of this description are not intended to be all-inclusive. They represent typical elements and criteria considered necessary to successfully perform the job.