Municipal Court

La Cygne Municipal Court convenes the
third Tuesday of every month at
6 p.m. at the La Cygne Community Building


Beginning January 11, 2022, court hearings will be held in person at the La Cygne Community Building (204 N Commercial St). 



Pay citations and fees HERE.


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Municipal Judge John Purvis


City Attorney Burton Harding


Court Clerk Connie Gore






  • When should I arrive for court? Arrive promptly as court starts at 6:00 pm. Be prepared to wait quietly until you have been called. You may have to enter through a metal detector. 
  • Is there a dress code? Yes, but we do understand some defendants come directly from work. Avoid: shorts, torn jeans, dirty clothing, flip-flops, absolutely NO hats. 
  • What should I bring to court? Valid ID or Driver's License, proof of vehicle insurance (if necessary), any paperwork you deem necessary, and cash, checkbook, or credit card for fees. (Credit cards are accepted after court has concluded)
  • What is not allowed in court? Weapons, recording (photo &/or audio) devices, cell phones, animals (service dog's okay), food or drink. 
  • What items are discourage at court? Purses, backpacks, tote bags. Children, they will be expected to sit quietly or they will be asked to leave.
  • Will I be expected to pay? Yes, everyone pays a minimum $89 court fee. If you are found guilty you will be asked if you can pay now. You may be set up on a payment plan. This is called a Pay or Appear.
  • What forms of payment are accepted? Cash, check, or credit card. (credit card fee 2.5%, must be paid after court is over).
    • If you have a payment due it is best to be paid at least a day before court, it can be paid online by clicking here


All communications with the court clerk end at 4:00 pm the day of court. Messages and e-mails will be received the following day. (as a rule 4:00 pm is too late for the court clerk to help you)

The judge will present your options including pleas and appeal options before the first case is called.

It is in your best interest if all paperwork or payments are received by the court clerk at least one day prior to court.

If you fail to appear you can be found and/or fined for Failure to Appear. You are at risk of having your license suspended and/or having a warrant issued for your arrest. 

There are no jury trials in municipal court.

  • The court docket is generally called alphabetically in the following order, but not always:
    • Arraignments 
    • Pay or Appear
    • Hearings
    • Plea Docket
    • Trials
  • What happens once I am called for an Arraignment? An arraignment is the first time you will appear in court. Your charges will be read to you and you will be asked to plead one the following:
    • Guilty: The case should be disposed immediately. You can be found guilty, assessed charges and court cost and set a payment date which could be the day of court. 
    • No Contest:  The accused is saying that he or she will not contest the charge against them. This plea has the same legal effect as pleading guilty. 
    • Not Guilty: The only way to dispose of a not guilty plea is by trial. A trial is where the accused gets to present their side. 

If you have had verbal conversation with the judge, prosecutor, your attorney, or anyone else before or after court, and your case has been disposed of, the court clerk can only go by what is in the judges written ruling(s). The judges ruling is what will be sent to the State. 

What happens if I forget about court or fine payment? 

  • You may be sent 30-day letter telling you to appear at the next court date.  If you fail your drivers license will automatically be suspended after 30 days. 
  • Judge can order immediate suspension of your drivers license. 
  • You can be found and/or fined for Failure to Appear.
  • A bench warrant with a bond amount may be issued for your arrest. 

When calling it is helpful to know where you were stopped!

Any place outside of the City Limits of La Cygne will not be La Cygne Municipal Court. (La Cygne Police Department has black trucks)

Other possibilities are Linn County Sheriff's Department, Linn Valley Police Department (they patrol a small section of 69 highway), or the Highway Patrol/State Troopers.

La Cygne and Linn Valley both have court the third Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.

Linn County (District Court in Mound City) they will assign their own court dates. (Sheriff vehicles are usually white)