La Cygne Camp Ground Contract

Rate are based on (2) Adults and up to (4) Children. $2 additional person/per day
Tent camping (water/elec) - $10/day Paid Prior to camping-Max of (5) Daily Permits Purchased consecutively
Daily RV Rate - $17/day PRIOR to camping- Max (5) Daily Permits Purchased consecutively
7-Day RV Permit - $112/permit - Paid PRIOR to camping - Max (2) permits allowed in a 30-day period
14- Day RV Permit - $210/permit - paid PRIOR to camping - Max (1) permit allowed in a 30-day period
Re-order Arrival Date Departure Date Weight Operations
Re-order Camper Model/Tag Number Vehicle Model/Tag Number Driver's License Weight Operations
Upload requirements
Re-order Pets Pet Breed/Description if applicable Weight Operations
Re-order Key for the Shower house Campers Signature Weight Operations
Camping Rules & Regulations
  1. All campers must be registered at the La Cygne City Hall and must display the La Cygne Camping Permit in the window of their vehicle or on their camper. This enables our local law enforcement to know that you have properly registered with the city.
  2. Check-In times at the La Cygne City Hall are from 8am-4:30pm in order for utility hook-ups to be unlocked for use. If payment is not received upon due date then you will be asked to leave the premises or the trailer and any personal items remaining in the camping slot will be removed for impoundment at your cost.
  3. After hour check-ins must call the local police department non-emergency phone line at “(913) 795-2665 opt 3” in order for water hook ups to be available. Please complete full check-in at the La Cygne City Hall the following morning.
  4. Campers are required to “heat-tape” wrap the water hydrants during times of freezing temps. Campers will be held liable for any costs endured by the park to repair broken water lines.
  5. Please put all trash in the dumpster located in the northwest corner of the park (parking lot near the swimming pool).
  6. Limited Wi-Fi access is available in the La Cygne Community Park. Extension antennas are located on the shower/bathhouse and the small pavilion north of the large playground. We do not guarantee strong signal or access to the Wi-Fi.
  7. (1) Camper and (2) vehicles per slot are permissible. (Park additional vehicles in the parking lot located on the north side of the camp road).
  8. In addition to the camper unit, ONLY normal basic camping supplies are allowed to be plugged in. (i.e. lights/lanterns, weather radio, fans). The La Cygne Community Park Board and City of La Cygne holds the right to ask for additional items other then the camper unit to be unplugged due to excessive Electrical/Water use (i.e. slip-n-slides, misting units, hot tubs, washing machines/dryers, stand-alone freezer/refrigerators).
  9. City Ordinance states it is unlawful for an owner or keeper to allow a dog to run at large at any time. All pets must be on a leash, in a pet kennel or kept in the camper. No more than (2) pets are permissible per camper unit.
  10. Campers must respect the “quiet hours” (10pm – 6am) of the La Cygne Community Park – this includes radios, TV’s, people and pets.
  11. Only alcoholic beverages of 6% content are permissible in the park.
  12. City Ordinance prohibits the UNLAWFUL discharge of firearms in the park. City Ordinance also prohibits the use of air guns, air rifles, bow and arrows, slingshots, BB guns or paint ball guns in the park.
  13. Backflow valves are located on the water hydrants – DO NOT REMOVE THE VALVE WHEN REMOVING YOUR HOSE.
  14. Tent camping in an RV slot is permissible and daily fees must be paid to the La Cygne City Hall.
  15. Fires are permitted only in the fire rings located south of the camping slots (please be sure fires are fully extinguished).
  16. For water or electrical emergencies call (913) 757-2144 and listen to the voicemail for on-call phone number.
  17. For police or fire emergencies, please call 911.
  18. The City of La Cygne, La Cygne City Council, and La Cygne Community Park Board reserve the right to ask a patron to leave the premises if they are not following the rules and/or creating disruptive behavior in the La Cygne Community Park. Adverse contact with the La Cygne law enforcement, of any kind, will be grounds for removal from the park.
  19. Rates and rules are reviewed monthly. The La Cygne Park Board has the ability to adjust the rates or change any regulations at that time. Permit holders will be advised at least 2 weeks in advance of changes in rates, permit length or rules.