La Cygne Community Park Shelter Reservation Application

The City of La Cygne reserves the right to decline a reservation to any organization for any reason.
Please checkmark the facility you would like to rent.
The rental fees are as follows:
Open and Enclosed Pavilion $40 Rental
Enclosed Pavilion ONLY $50 Refundable Deposit
Rock House $30 Rental
Rock House $40 Refundable Deposit
Alcohol Deposit ONLY if serving Alcohol $100 Refundable Deposit

If damage is done your deposit will be retained. If damages exceed the deposit additional costs will be your responsinility.
Brooms and Mops are located in the Southwest Corner of the Enclosed Pavilion.
  • Dispose of all trash.
  • Sweep and mop floors.
  • Wipe down all tables and chairs and return to proper storage area. 
  • Return the key to the La Cygne City Hall (drop box if closed).
  • Put all trash in the dumpster located in NW corner of the park, near the swimming pool.