Address Numbers Required by City Ordinance

Per City Ordinance 1275, section 4-101.1, each house or apartment must have its city assigned address number posted and maintained on the property and it must be clearly seen from the street. This requirement is for emergency response crews or others who may need to find the specific property location. Number posted anywhere on the property except the mailbox must be no less than 4" tall, while numbers posted on the mailbox shall be no less than 3" tall. 

Additionally, violations of City Ordinance 1275 shall be deemed a misdemeanor and violators shall be fined $25.00 (per City Ordinance 1403). 

The La Cygne City Council wants to remind local residents about these Ordinances in case of emergencies and to assist with an upcoming city-wide sewer project. Questions about the Ordinances can be directed to City Hall staff.